I have a mental illness.  It’s called Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder.

Disorder.  That one word, right there, that hideous defining statement, is the first reason this blog exists.  I am not disordered, I am different.  I struggle like you, and I succeed like you.  Different doesn’t always mean wrong or bad or negative, having a mental illness doesn’t always mean wrong, bad or negative.  Here is where you let me show you how …

The second reason is hopefully an umbrella effect of the above statements.  Its quite simple.  If you have mental health, I hope to provide you with some sort of un-aloneness.  If you know of someone with mental health,  I hope to help you understand it better.  And to everyone else who hasn’t got the foggiest of what mental health is,  I hope I can open the doors for you and change the tide on Mental Health.

I wasn’t made for this world, so I’m creating my own.

I invite you all to peruse.


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