Generation gap

Two of my mothers friends, who have a similar diagnosis to me, get free psychiatric help on the nhs with a private practitioner.  I am a 26 year old and I get none of this.

In my head this isn’t logical and is quite backwards.  So lets just look at the two scenarios 60 yo vs 26 yo.

Take my mums friends.  Both are over 60.  Have worked the majority of their life, and in fact are both still working .  They should of saved or budget or have some asset to sell if needed for the money.  They have the money to spend on their mental health And yet they are the ones that get free psychiatric help.   They have both just brought new cars.  They go out for coffee with friends, part take in activities i could only dream of being able to afford, they go on holidays and buy new clothes.  They have the money to spend on themselves, and yet they don’t spend it on their mentality, they use the nhs for that.  They use the money so many young people desperately need for help, because they want to continue their luxurious lifestyles, whilst having their breakdowns.

I am 26 years old, I am unable to work due to my mental health (doctors orders atm),  and I do not qualify for help with housing because I am under 35, I do not get any psychiatric help from the nhs, infact I’m lucky enough if i manage to get myself into a support group (still pending, and have been waiting over a year).  I work as much as i can, but my doctor signs me off regularly because of my mental breakdowns.  I don’t drink, i don’t party, I don’t go on endless shopping sprees or buy brand new cars.  i drive my grandmas old hand me down car.

Where is my help? where is my ongoing support?   where is the funding for my psychiatric problems and where is my support worker?  They are all given to older generations.  People that should be paying for themselves, that should have saved, that should not be  buying brand new things but instead investing in their health.  They are quite literally taking my sanity.

See, by the time im 40 (I would say 30, but the government has stunted my recovery over the last 5 years, and have literally have me on hold for the last 2 years so Im rapidly approaching thirty with nothing to show…thanks for the help), I hope to be earning a reasonable living, atleast part bought or fully bought a home or some land etc.  from my 40 years of living on this planet i like to think id have some budgeting skills, priority over my spending and am smart enough to save for my elder years.  So that when i come to being 60, I have assets to sell, I have back up to look after myself.  I would of earned enough money to pay for things.  So far im highly skeptical this will happen in this modern society.

and its the same with housing.  there is an increase in retirement properties, supported living and reduced buying prices of houses for anyone over the age of 50.  Yet if your a young person,  your lucky if you apply for a help to buy and get one, let alone actually buying a house yourself.

This oddly weird generation gap is everywhere.  Older and elderly people seem to get some sort of priority , why because they are ‘vulnerable’.  Well young people are even more vulnerable.  my mums friends have had an extra 40 years on this planet to a) sort out their mentality and b) budget and save for occasions when needed.  And yet they haven’t.  And its younger generations that are suffering because of it,.

I know its not inertially their fault, its the governments, the system, the people who are in charge.  Younger generations are coming up poorer and poorer.  t\he struggle to live is getting harder.  No-one cares about young people, no one- cares if you’re under 35, no one listens if you’re under 50.  Until you hit those milestones your a cog in  a machine that doesn’t care if you break before your  time is over.

Any i just don’t get it.  Young people are the future of this planet. so why the fuck aren’t we helping them? doing more to alleviate the gap, trying to stop increase in mental health and suicide rates.  I simply do not understand the way the world works and it makes me incredibly angry.

its £90 for a session with the psychiatrist both my mums friends see.  For them, that would be pennies if theyd correctly learnt to spend properly and look after themselves.  For me, thats a whole weeks wages.  my options are have psychology or be able to feed yourself.

its not fair, its not right and i’m sick of people benefitting just because they are older.  Young people need help too, nay they need it more.  They have not had the years or experience to prepare for this,  older generations have, they just couldnt be arse or spent their money elsewhere.


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