How do you do it

I can’t leave the house without being bombarded by sadness frustration and annoyance.

Unless I go away from society.

Standing in the aisles of a food shop and I’m tormented with decisions and choices that I actually don’t want.

Go out into nature for food and you have none to make it’s made for you…is it a edible?Is it poisenous? That’s it. And some may say super markets are like that…if you simple down to are the ingredients healthy, are they not. But it’s not that simple, even our natural items are tainted by us and chemicals.

We are being dwindled down the rabbit hole of consuming crap when there’s a hole plethora of abundant food all around us. I get stressed out deciding what brand of crisps to eat but put me in a field and I’ll try everything.

It’s becoming aware to me though that this wild food that is freely edible to us is now also being damaged, we are pumping the oceans with toxins, reducing our oxygen supply with deforestation, and so on. We transform edible healthy healing land to make poison.

So backwards


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