I love you I do

I love you.  Yes you.  The one inside.  With all your oddly strange ways I love you.
Your deepest darkest parts I love you.  You’re my favourite

I can’t help but take admiration when in your darkest times.

No one else loves you like I do.

When the time is right maybe someone will

But as I get older wiser stronger I learn I love you more than anything else in the world.

I begin to shiver, goosebumps at the fact I love you

Everyday I struggle but your always there

Everyday I fight but your by my side

I. The loneliest of times when no one else comes your there

I’ll get bigger bolder stronger wiser braver and as I do the love only grows.

When you break down and the world feels it’s falling apparat no one heals me,like you, no on cares for me like you do, no one comes, comforts, loves, cherishes or looks after you like I will.

I love you, yes I do.

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