Privacy…you little turd.

I was fine.  I was actually energized.  Had a nice morning with my buns,  coffee, emails, chilled,  just started to motivate myself to get moving and since its 11am on a saturday, about time to begin being 🙂

And then a mother fucking shit cunt of a child ruins it, and their stupid parent who can’t parent easily.

See I live on a property where theres a swimming business.  I live in an outhouse about 5ms away from it.  Most people, being people who have gardens and understand boundarys and repspect, genreally stay off the grass and away from my cabin.  I dont get bothered too much.

But this little shit, had run right up to my door, squashed its snotty, chubby food stuffed face up against my window, smearing its grubby fingers about and shouts BOO HOO followed by a piercingly hideous giggle.   And the worst bit, the mother just stands there watching it abuse my personal space, disrepestecting someones property and just being a little cunt.  If it was my child Id run over and apologise profusely and then give my child a swift lesson in numerous things such as running off, going where it shouldnt, respecting people etc etc.  No no this mum just shouts at her child from across the garden, doesnt even move,  repeatedly saying get away from there as if she were trying to get her dog to stop shoving its nose up anothers bum.    The child doesnt move, so she just continues shouting at it.  What a fucking shit mother.  I lock eye contact with her,  I am glaring, fully laser eyed at her to communicate, WTF are you letting your child do and why.  All i get in return is a half arsed sheepish ‘sorry hand wave’ thats accompanied with alook to say ‘why are you staring at me so harshly’  to which I want to scream at her.   YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF YOUR CHILD, YOUR A SHIT MOTHER SHOUTING AT IT LIKE A DOG AND CLEARLY YOU DONT RESPECT OTHERS OR YOU WOULDNT LET YOUR SPAWN STOMP AROUND DISTURBING AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING.   It makes me sick, but the worst part, the absolute cherry on the top is Im glaring at you, because YOU dont have these things,  your poor child doesnt know any better.  you do.  and yet you dont care.  Thank you for being an inconsiderate toss pot on my property and allowing your child to think its ok to behave like this.  God i worry for the future of our children with the parents we have today.


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