I’m 25, yet it seems I dress like a 5 year old (doesn’t help with a baby face)

It appears that, almost every time I meet someone new, they are astonished to hear I’m 25 years old. Strange for me, seeing as the whole time I was growing up, everyone always thought I was the oldest out of me and my sister. She is 3.5 years older than me, and she really hated it. Ha ha ha.

Except now, people quite rightly see she is the oldest, so she’s content again. I on the other hand have a bit of an issue with this. Not because I don’t like being taken for a 15 year old, its quite flattering, though getting I.d everywhere is a pain!! But I have an issue with it because it appears its the clothes I wear that make me look young. And heres where I think it gets a bit interesting…

As you get older you’d think you’d become more expressive, but with societal pressure, rules and dress codes, we become less expressive about how we present ourselves, and simply fall in order with the grey and blue suits or that simple black number. Maybe its because Im an artist so I am just more creative or flamboyant, or because I don’t have a dress code to adhere to, but no matter where I go, people look at me with befuddled bemusement. I am the pink elephant surrounded by grey.

What does that really say about society? about people? about the decisions you make on a daily basis? Im pretty sure, (98%..2% because Id probably have to check I could get away with some of my ‘outfits’) if I had a 9-5 job, I would not have a grey, black or even neutral toned suit in my cupboard, and if i did, it would only be half, so say just a jacket or just a skirt etc. I’d choose to be exciting everyday. Id choose to stand out, express myself and show my personality. I’d choose to be well…me. Not in my facial features or mannerisms but with the clothes I wear and the accessories I behold. Because isn’t that what fashion/clothing is all about anyway? Its no longer comfort, its a show. So why are you all floundering around in dull tones, supressing who you are and how you express yourself and buying the same t-shirt as everyone else because thats what they’re wearing. What do you want to wear? I had a uni friend, who was similar, and I admired her for it. She would wear what she wanted to wear, not because the weather permitted it or she had a particular lecture to go to, but because thats what she was feeling when she woke up. She’d pair some short shorts with some nifty patterned winter leggings and then..flip flops. Wearing a t-shirt that clearly didn’t match, and a jumper which clashed with the whole lot. But you know what, when she left the house with her bobbled hat, unmatching mittens, very old scarf and her… flip flops she held her head high, and was the happiest one on the street.

Whilst others looked at the floor and trapsed their course with displeasure, she’d be eagerly skipping in her step, grinning ear to ear and beaming good vibes. It was something I resonated with, and wish more people could experience. I don’t know if she’s the same now, or even where she is in the world, but her confidence in owning who she was and wearing what she felt still inspires me today.
For when you are expressing yourself, even in the smallest ways you are being your most authentic unique you. You are shouting hello world, this is me, and i love it. Not murmering, I’m clothed for the day ahead but I’d rather not be.

I’ve continued this since leaving uni, when I open my closet, I don’t consult the weather or look at the magazines, I don’t think what goes with what, I don’t let my mind go into sorting whats appropriate for the day ahead or how many different options I have. I go, I like this, and I like that, I plonk it on and just go with it. After all I bought those clothes because I liked them, who says they don’t go together, when they don’t live in my brain. I like it, I’ll wear it.

and yes on occasion people have questioned my attire, to which I have said yes, I am most defiantly wearing this. Because it is me.

I refuse to be sanctioned, sectioned or judged on what I wear and how I look. Yes I may look like a complete moron, and you may not think it is sensible for my age to be wearing a my little pony dress…but the point is…I don’t care. I love wearing my my little pony stuff…because it is undeniably expressive of me. Even if I am 25.

Be you..irrevocably you, in a world that, in this era, it is somehow still frowned upon to be different. Indifference gives us diversity and diversity grants us progression.


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