Old people homes

Where are the young peoples homes?  A question I find myself asking quite regularly.  There are plenty of new old peoples home popping up round where I live.  I mean like a care house on every estate.  So why does this bother me so much? Because in my eyes, it’s unfair. 

In my head, care homes are great places, give elders a sense of communities and they are given fair.  Al human rights in themselves.  However, there seems to be old homes popping up everywhere, so there’s now loads of properties available to them to go and live in.  Great stuff.  But where are the young peoples homes?  Where are the refuges for people struggling? Where are the homes to help young peoples get a grip in this world?

To me, many people in old peoples homes have lived and will have had some sort of money/career under their belt and Can now retire delightfully by right, but the main point here is that they have security, or at least they should have security because they’ve had 50/60/70years on this planet to get their shit together.  Where as young people, have only had 20 or so years on this planet.  They’ve barely left home, and yet they can’t afford to move to a home of their own.  

And so I’m baffled as to why people who have had 50years more experience on this planet get a lovely care home pop up for them, and yet anyone under the age of 40 barely owns a house.  Or even has a house.  

Young people are struggling.  How can we not have a young peoples home scheme.  Barely anyone under the age of 25 can buy a home, your lucky if you can rent one at this rate.  That’s normal folk.  

What happens to the broken, disadvantaged, confused, lost and abandoned young people who have no rich parents to help bail them out of rent?  What if there parents relationship is horrendous, what if they need a home.  There aren’t any.

Our priorities are all wrong.  We no longer live in the 50s, 70s or even 90s.  I know it was different back then, but really, they should have taken responsibility for their lives.  Millennial, bless their creative little souls are going to suffer big time, all because people born before them didn’t look after themselves, they indulged, splurged, fucked up and ruined a future for what will be the best generation yet.  

We seem to support those who are dieing off and not actually any use to our society instead of supporting those up and coming lives.  The ones that can make a change  the ones that will be here for at least another fifty years.  We don’t support the future, we support the past.

It confuses the fuck out of me, where is the young peoples help? Where are the young people refuge? Where is the affordable housing?  

I can’t find it, and I desperately need it.


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