Alcoholic vs pot head

Breakfast.  It’s 10am.

I’m in the local wetherspoons to get breakfast on my way to try and do some work or something.   And there are about 11 people in here, DRINKING PINTS.  It’s not even midday, and I can see there are already empty on their table.  God knows how many they’ve alr day had.  Now I’m not judging them, I don’t know what they’ve been through, they may have been sober there whole working life and have decided to enjoy their retirement.  Whatever.  It doesn’t bother me.  What does is, the way I beat myself up for having a joint in the morning.  Society has drummed into me that doing this is bad, but all day drinking is ok? Hmm.

 Why the fuck cant i have a joint? i get on better with a joint.  Most times…some times.  lets be real and honest here.  But my point is…

People are having alcohol before their breakfast, and not just one or two.  I had breakfast, tidied, have done some work, cleaned etc etc I do shit before I have a joint.  And yet I find myself, and others with their wonderful judgement, telling me off if I have a joint in morning.  No matter how much or little I have done, having a joint is considered worse than a pint.  And here’s the annoying thing,  a lot of people can be functional on weed.  Marijuana and cannibinoids can save lives, can improve them.  Alcohol degrades your liver, affects your vision and brain function to the point you become someone entirely different.  But that’s ok.  

here I am beating myself about being crap at life etc etc when actually there are a lot shitter people than me.
I’m good, even if I do smoke pot.  I don’t smoke it all day everyday to the point it takes over my life.  It’s just so fluffed up isn’t it.  How one thing we manufacture can be legal and the other isn’t, yet they are both drugs.  Bizarro.


(Insert…I was diagnos d and mental before I touched drugs so uh please no backlash about how pot mad me crazy…it didn’t, it saved me and I will write a full post on this at a later date)

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