Unseen, misunderstood.

I’m so angry today. 

At the world, at people , at the man.

I woke up, it was 11.30.  Immediately my heart sank, I thought it was maybe 9, boy I was wrong. See I’d already begun punishing myself because I overslept but my body needed to oversleep. Anyway…

I read an article about a couple who are evicted from a self built mud hut.   I get it, you don’t want people just springing up homes made out of shit, but equally, there’s a small revolution of people who don’t want to live in fancy, prefabricated, expensive to upkeep homes with too much darn space in them.   There needs to be more balance.

But actually why aren’t we allowed to? You’re (government and conglomerates) putting up homes with 5/6/7/8 bedrooms that no one can afford. You’re making us pay for a space three times the size we actually need, and there’s a huge homeless problem. 

 There are groups of us that have no interest in your way of living, and your not allowing us to express our freedom to live the way we wish because you don’t gain profit from it.   

How much value has a home you erect got compared to an eco home? You get a monetary profit out of it.  In general a lot of negatives come with living in that home, only to get a slight pay off at the end. Living eco and sustainably with the land not only helps improve mental health, it nourishes the ground, builds family, knowledge of self sufficiency and eventually a community, it can birth people together not put walls between them. The pay off from an eco home begins right away, you don’t have to pay into it for ten years to begin getting rewards, everyday is a reward, everyday is earned.

There’s thing called msc disease. Could be poppicock, but there is chemical level evidence. People may not understand it because they don’t think of small scale problems, they only look to the end of their nose not past it. 

 There’s a lot of illnesses we can’t explain or don’t understand, instead of trying to find the smaller factors that affect each one, maybe we should focus on the bigger picture and realise our sedentary lifestyles we’ve carved out for the one percent to enjoy are actually detrimental to our physical, emotional and mental health. And it’s being ignored, no matter how big it’s getting, because the man is aware you can’t profit from people who don’t rely on you, so they make us believe we rely on them. When actually they rely on us, and they won’t stop people who know this, we will always try and create a more peoaceful,nurturing life that’s more in tune with ourselves and our ecosystem. 

 One day they will loose, they eliminated hippies in the seventies….those where the ones that have an invested heart, but they didn’t have the internet, and the people didn’t have the knowledge. 

 Now we do. 

 We are growing, we are learning and the more who open up to alternatives, the bigger our fight gets. We’ve been gunning for world peace for over 50 years, the revolution of hippies in protest to the industrial revolution is still strong 30 years on, and guess what….it’s growing.

 The more people who know,educated and learn about the situation the quicker we can begin living how we want, and not how they want. No one owns the land, no one owns people, no one owns nature. 

 The only thing we do physically own is ourself, our bodies our minds, beyond that, there should be no control. And yet there is?

God I’m just so mad at the way the world has turned out.  At the way humanity has progressed…or not.

Fuck the 1%.


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