Power of Negativity

For the first two decades of my life I avoided being negative.  I would use everything in my power to be happy, jolly and positive.  All. the. time.  boy it was exhausting, no wonder I broke down.  No-one can live positively all the time, at some point we will all get a bit down in the dumps.  No matter who you are, negative emotions will find you.   And thats OK.  You don’t have to be super happy all the time.  Wheres the balance in that?

Turns out, negative emotions are healthy and good for you.  In fact science is saying there could be an evolutionary advantage to them, and i wholeheartedly agree.  Its all about balance.  There is no light if it isn’t dark, there is no ying without a yang etc.  So if you’re feeling particularly down, thats ok, don’t worry about it, revert your attention to this article that actually shows how negativity and this massive surge in mental health could benefit humans on an evolutionary scale.

I strongly believe the mental health movement is going to result in a human overhaul , and its going to be for the better.

Go check it out via Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being – Scientific American

All together now, lets let our negativity change the world for better.  Sounds odd doesnt it.



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