3 different diagnosis..you choose

So half the problem with mental health is that no one actually knows much about the human brain or mental health. In the 6 years I have had a diagnosis i have gone through numerous different tests and assessments, for the first four years they just lumped me in with depression.

Only today 3years later have I just been told I could have three different disorders that all work within and against each other which is why they’ve been miss diagnoses.  Brilliant.

There seems to be an obsssion with boxing.   Its been around for years, for some reason humans like to function in boxes and definitions and don’t like overlap. But mental health in itself is a mental overlap of everything. Our brains are as complicated if not more than the universe we live in and it’s in a tiny little sac we carry around within ourselves, surrounded by thousands of other tiny little universes in people’s head. The variety and breadth of complications makes pinpointing any problem hard,  so why do we keep trying to.

I could have ADHD, bipolar or emotionally unstable disorder. I feel I fit in everyone of these boxes but I also don’t associate with them. See I don’t fit in any of the boxes they’re creating.  I may have all the above disorders or just one, or none.  It doesn’t matter to me, all I know is I’m not the norm and that’s ok with me.  I don’t need a label, I just like knowing I am different in some way.  That’s enough for me…I think many of us with mental health problems these days are just a bit different, and we don’t fit into this societal box, most people don’t, I feel slot of people would function better when the box is removed. We live in boxes, from houses to cars to shops and workplaces. Box box box with all their boundaries surrounding them.  

Lets remove the boundaries around mental health and hopefully the boundaries and boxes in society will follow.

I don’t know who or what, only I’m a confused upside down smiley face

Love UDSF (:

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