Veganism – not just fighting animal rights but humans too. 

Veganism – not just fighting animal rights but human too. We are the aware.That’s what I took from being a non vegan at a vegan festival.  The vegan camp out 2017.

Normally I can’t stand vegans. They have that rep. But i can promise you, it’s only 1% of them being preachy and putting a bad name out there for vegans. Trust me I spent a whole weekend with vegans, and the rest…are actually pretty fucking nifty…and fun!

I watched talks by Fiona Oakes, James Aspey and Clark French (united patients alliance). All incredible inspiring stuff, veganism can change people, change the world but I learnt it’s only going to change if people want to change, as usual.  And you cant encourage people to change with hate now, can you. That’s what people think of vegans. With there sloganed shirts of there is no humane in a slaughterhouse, so garishly aggresive, and honestly a turn off for anyone contemplating veganism because I was, and I met these people, who where aggressive and you must be full vegan, we must all be vegan. 

And Yeah I agree, but your aiming for a 100% world which with the human population at this rate in the state it’s in, just isn’t possible. It turns out the way to veganism is praise and love and respecting that people, even if they don’t do much, but are doing something and you give them that credit for it.  That’s where I found strength in veganism.  The compassion and praise.  

See I was open about my non veganism, even expressed it to one of the organisers. And the responses where not aggressive or you should not be here, what they wanted to know was if and how it may of changed me, and how I found it,  they were interested in me and my thoughts, not actively forcing me to be part of it, but pleased I was open to it.  And that’s what most vegans are. 

 I’m writing this because there was a hiccup, which included overly aggressive vegans verbally attacking some talkers because they said eating bees honey was ok when they are vegans. So firstly props to vegan bros who handled the situation a bit precariously Dickish, but when put on the spot that’s understandable, but more importantly for trying to bring the kindness and respect back to the talk. They said to those attacking them, you’re right, we do agree with you and your entitled, but we praise anyone who is doing something no matter how small. And that’s really what I found from the whole weekend…vegans are in general so compassionate, sharing open and happy to know your doing what you can to help the animals, the planet. VEgans aren’t normally malicious or forceful or stringent that you must join them in this fight, like we all think they are.  Obviously you get those kinds and it was clear to me, in general vegans don’t want.  Those around me where cringing at the behaviour of the one percent of vegans in there hurling abuse.  The other 99%were embarrassed.  

Not all vegans are what we think, they know that aggressive and fear mongering isn’t going to make a change, what does is what’s at the heart of veganism, and that’s love, compassion and respect for all. Human or not.  Vegans are amazing people and we could all take a lesson or two from there, not in the sense that you have to give up meat or dairy etc or become a vegan, but just by trying to share what’s at their core.  Spreading a little mindfulness and encourage,to instead of selfishness and hate.  Really vegans are the warriors of this planet, of our people.  And we really should listen to the 99% of them, they are wonderful creatures.

So after talking to all the people I did, I’m going to strive towards that side of veganism even more, no more cows milk for me. I already don’t eat beef. So next would be to migrate to vegetarian. Luckily for me I don’t eat cheese, so I’m nearly there.  And everyone I told about my minute changes that are miniscule in comparison to there’s, where supportive and pleased to know I was going to try and make a change. No one was mad I wasn’t doing more, no one scowled I was only going to half arse my change.  Just happiness I was open to change.

And that’s how change is made, one by one we try. One by one we share love compassion and stories, and one by one the world will beccome vegan or at least live in a symbiotic relationship with animals (hint @veganbros…that was the scientific answer you could of given to the bee bitches…in short, bees need us to plant flowers for them to survive and pollinate, we need bees for that for crops.  We’ve taken away their plants so we must replenish them and as their production increase their honey yield does, and they actually end up having an abundance of honey they don’t need so uh yeah symbiotic relationships are actually crucial to our ecosystem).  

One by one change is made no matter how small in veganism or mental health.  We can change things,  starting with inside you and ending together.


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