New generation

There’s a whole generation of people coming up who just dont give a fuck about the way the world works and don’t want to partake.  Why? because they’re not iditos and can see it doesn’t fucking work, its hard, its unnatural, its a 9-5 slavery, its not a choice, its a malfunction of humanity.  They can see the ridiculousness of it, and how its not good for us.

I thought I was alone, and I would only fit with the hippies with this trade of thought, but the job I have has exposed me to some brilliant young minds.  They want none of it.  And maybe at some point we all felt like that, but we are in a modern world, information runs freely through our phones and into our brains every millisecond.  They’re sharing and trying to change this ghastly place and instead of looking at them for being weird, anti social or a detriment to society we should be listening to them, praising and helping them with trying to make a change.

There a whole generation of cares, healers, believers and world leaders that are going to change the world for a better on.  Join them, help them, and we can all be fit 🙂


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