My new Bad Day

I must remember that when I have a ‘bad day’ most of the time now it’s not actually a bad day like it used to be.  I am still able to do a few things etc not like before where I wouldn’t get out of bed.  Don’t know why I call them bad days I guess it’s easier than ‘I’ve had a not good day’, just because I’m not ticking all the boxes or feel like fulfilling my tasks in one day doesn’t make it a bad day it just makes it a little harder than a good day…look at all that silly pressure I’m putting on myself because I feel I must get better now or if I slip up I have failed when actually the pressure I’m putting myself under is what is failing me. I myself am doing spectacularly compared to only a month or so ago.  

There so much pressure around success, careers, doing good, being the ideal citizen.  Sometimes, just being and doing you your way, is enough.  There are far too many external pressures on me and my mental health that I really don’t need to put anymore on myself.

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