Broken Brain.

Brain where the fuck are you.

All you see is tears.  Pain.  Pills.  Rubbish.  Anger.  Chaos.

Brain are you overwhelmed or are you being a trickster?

Brain are you aware of your other half…your heart.

Brain, do you even know whats going on?

So much information going in, feeding into you like a live stream, and yet everything that appears in you brain, you can’t identify.  You can’t associate.  You can’t organise or assess.
Brain.  What the fuck are you doing?  Why aren’t you there?  Why don’t you care?

Brain, just get your arse in gear, tap into yourself and fucking function.

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite mean that Brain, I know you’re broken.  But there’s beauty in broken.  Hold on.  Keep breaking if you need to,  I don’t approve but brain if you can’t, then don’t.  It only makes it worse.

I love every part of you brain.  Your dysfunctions, complications, misunderstandings, confusions and contradictions.  But mostly I love what I know you’re capable of, just look after yourself, love yourself as I love you,  and believe you will get better.  It’s obviously not going to be today.  It doesn’t matter when you get better, it only matters that you try.

You’re speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.


Artwork Kalisaur Artwork


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