Secret superpower of being alone

Today Im not seeing anyone and I’m overtly excited to dedicate my day to me myself and I.  Its a secret superpower that not many people tap into.

Before you believe I’m an introvert (and I very much am sometimes) I’m also an extrovert.  I straddle the border.  My job is with kids, I entertain, I joke, I mess around, I vamp up my energy and I love it.  But with highs (im talking emotional energy here) comes a low.  People with BPD cant fully manage these off the bat.  Its a whirlwind of ups and downs.

I’ve began trying to schedule in me days and so far its the best thing for me.

Screw the world.  Do me.  One day where I can do whatever I want to, even if it is quiet nothing.  I need it.  I crave it.  We all get so caght up in keeping plans, seeing people, continually doing things.  We forget the pleasure of not doing because we always feel the pressure that we should be doing something.  Sometimes its nice to just do you.

I know we are social beings and socialising is key to our development and happiness with great benefits, but choosing to be alone with youself is a secret superpower in hiding.

Not many people like being alone, they find it uncomfortable.  I don’t know if that’s because they’ve never been alone or if its because they’ve been taught it’s odd to be on your own.  We always told we should have a best friend, a lover, a soul mate, a group a tribe a belonging.  Being alone is being all of these for yourself.  It’s actually beautiful, once you start to nourish it.  So good that I’m finding it hard not to get addicted to being on my own, especially when people fidgets out of me. 

Theres a fine line between choosing to be alone and actually being lonely.  Find it and hop on and off as you see fit.  If you find yourself spending every day you can alone, maybe your not with the right people, or theres a more underlying issue.  try and use your alone days to figure out what and force yourself to be mroe social…  and if your not sure why you would ever want to be alone, maybe give it a try, you could find yourself, a part of you you never knew, your own superpower.


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